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Hi- I'm Mireya

I am welcoming my thirty's this fall *2023- and wow do I have more insight into life than I ever did before. Life has taught me so much, and having lived through many seasons, I have gained a wide perspective on life. This has allowed me to tap into a sentimental all encompassing take on photography and using this perspective to give my clients a look into their world and what their life really looks like. It's a one of kind feeling to see yourself in moments you live in but cant see for yourself. That for me is I strive for when clients hire me! 

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Hi- Im the photographer behind MJP

I am home with my family, they keep me busy as ever. We have two sweet and energetic girls that are always on the go! I love listening to podcasts, and when the mood strikes I find myself writing poetry. I love painting, and working with my hands when I get the chance. My friends and clients often read me as genuine, kind, personable, and down to earth. I personally just think of myself as a go with the flow kind, and party when its go time. ;) 

When I'm not at a session, Im here-- 

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Hey there, I'm mir- ay- uh, a laid-back gal if you will, who's all about taking in life's purest moments, both behind the lens and more. I find Golden Hour to be my favorite thing in life, not just for the perfect photo, but because it slows everything down to that "core memory moment" – pure nostalgia, if you ask me. If you are a millennial, you know we often live there rent free. ;)

I'm a firm believer in the beauty of mundane moments. Those everyday moments are the threads that weave our life together + form the love and connection that we experience in this lifetime.

Photography isn't a hobby for me; it is truly a passion rooted in the understanding that these  moments in time are our legacy. They're what we leave behind for future generations, giving the essence of our journey from the very beginning of our lives to the last day.

People often ask me about my job and what I do, and it always sparks a range of reactions and conversations about why someone would choose this career path. For me, it's about capturing the full spectrum of life. From the pure joy to the rawest emotions, photography gives us a glimpse into our world that we can share with others or revisit whenever we need a reminder of what these moments mean to us. It's all about capturing life's essence, you know?

I once had someone say to me, you truly "captured my essence", I was 20 years old, had zero clue what that meant at the time. I was just glad the picture was "pretty + great." I had zero clue what a compliment it truly was until 10 years later.

I am blessed to find myself drawn to photography – it's my way of giving back moments filled with authentic joy and love to those who cherish the goodness of life and understand the fleeting nature of these precious moments.

I may not have this career 10 years down the road, but lucky for me, I have knack for something that truly stands the test of time to share with family and friends. For me that makes this all the more better. 

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Fun Fact

Art is subjective, there isn't a write or wrong, but when I can't put into words what I feel, photography grabs the words for me. 

While I will never get back the time of my kids being little, I have a million and one photos for us to enjoy "someday."

I don't hang many pictures in my house, but I do love making photo albums! 

just your average ;)